Kirwyn Sutherland is a poet, spoken word artist, and writer based in the Philadelphia, PA region. He seeks to break the molds in performance poetry and expand the range of topics discussed via the arts.

KSutherland_Chapbook Photo

My approach to writing has evolved into experimenting with traditional forms to create new forms that best convey the intention and meaning of the subject matter I choose. The first product of this came in the form of a reworking of my chapbook entitled X: A Mixtape Remastered. X: A Mixtape Remastered was published through the Philadelphia based company 2 Pens and Lint. The content of the book included edits of some poems from the initial work as well as new poems. I received great feedback from the poetry community including the book being used for instruction in a Temple University Creative Writing class.

Currently, I am working on my next project which will be entitled Trap. The book will explore the sociological effects of the movements of black music through years and the effect of appropriation.   Additionally I am the Youth Chairperson of The Collective Open Mic working to bridge the gap between the youth and adult poetry scenes. A collective where poets can come together, read, critique, share work and discuss issues was necessary for me to create.   In response to this need, The Mission Statement Poetry Collective was formed with Philadelphia poets Warren Longmire, Christopher K.P. Brown, Lauren Yates and Mydera Speak Me Free. This collective will serve to provide a place for poets of color to grow artistically and affect the community at large through the art created as well as other programming.



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