The Collective

I’m a proud member of Family Poetry Collective.

It is based in the Philadelphia, PA area and was founded on Facebook one year ago. It was developed as a virtual poetry group and platform for poets, writers, and artists across all genres to share their art in a safe environment within a family atmosphere. It was founded by a group of poets, for poets to give us a voice in the arts community.


Our mission is growth, guidance, teaching, and mentorship in whatever medium the artist chooses to share and showcase their talents, gifts while honing our craft in a supportive environment.

Our group membership is 600+ strong with artists that span from as far as New York, California, and even British Columbia to name a few. Poetry and the arts transcends and crosses all borders to bring people together in a beautiful tapestry of diversity.

We participate and represent our collective at numerous poetry, art, music, and literary venues in the city of Philadelphia, PA and beyond. We also support artists within our group individually with their projects through attendance, promotions, and other opportunities that arise. We encourage everyone to share their gifts with the world.

Thank you for joining us along this journey of growth and artistry of Family love.

“One pen, One page, One voice, One Family”

Our Book

Jody Chapbook Cover

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